Amigos Promise

We stock the finest Premium Grade Christmas trees and we work hard right through the year sourcing our trees, visiting farms, talking to the growers and negotiating a fair price. Because of this our customers know they can buy a sustainably grown outstanding quality Christmas tree for less.

When choosing your Christmas tree think about the best variety for you and your needs:


Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir:
Perfect for indoor use. Nordmann Firs do not have a strong scent and have thick waxy needles which can stay strong and green for 5 weeks or more. Are commonly known as the 'Non Drop' Christmas tree as they are resilient and very low needle drop . – Britain’s most popular Christmas tree.

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Traditional Spruce

Traditonal Norway Spruce:
Spruce Christmas trees have a lovely traditional pine scent but sport very fine needles which dry out quickly if kept in a warm environment. – The Traditional Christmas tree. Deep green and fragrant. Perfect for outdoors.

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Pot grown trees

Pot Grown Living Trees:
Living trees with roots for re-planting.

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Cinco 8 Advantage Tree Stand

Water Holding Tree Stands:
Essential for tree health and customer satisfaction. – Sturdy, quick and easy to use Christmas tree stands with a large reservoir for water to keep your tree fresh.

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Here are some examples of our Tree Amigos Christmas Trees

Our Trees Are: