The Tree Amigos work hard to find you the best Christmas trees in all the land. These beautiful Christmas trees are a product of nature, and are therefore perishable items. Once your tree leaves our care it is in your hands, so please follow our guide below to ensure you have a tree to be proud of right into the New Year.

Standing your tree straight away?

  1. nordmann fir branchMake a fresh cut of approximately 3-5cm off the bottom of the stump to remove the sap seal (your retailer may have done this for you).
  2. Decide where to remove the net from your tree – indoors or outdoors. We recommend indoors AFTER the tree has been erected. Wherever you choose you should expect some needle loss during this process – this is normal.
  3. Within 1 hour of the fresh cut being made, place your tree in a water holding tree stand and position it in the coolest part of the room. Avoid placing it near any heat sources and keep the room ventilated.
  4. Carefully remove the net from your tree by cutting it around the base and gently pulling it upwards and over the top of the tree. Now fill the stand reservoir with water.
  5. Check the water in the stand daily and top it up to ensure the water level never drops below the bottom of the stump.


nordmann firsStanding your tree at a later date?

Your tree can remain healthy until you are ready for it if kept outside in its net, in a bucket of cold water. When you are ready to bring your tree inside follow the steps 1-5 above.

Please note following these tree care guidelines is part of our terms and conditions of sale.


Nordmann-fir-close-up-smallDid you know?

Real Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. They are sustainably farmed in plantations, absorbing CO2 and other greenhouse gases as they grow. Every acre of growing Christmas Trees provides the oxygen requirements for 18 people! They are biodegradable so won’t fill up landfill sites, and they provide sanctuary for wildlife during both their growth and decomposition.

Contact your local council to find out about tree collection and recycling.