Hi there and welcome to The Tree Amigos!

The Tree Amigos are a low impact, friends and family run real Christmas tree company with 'pop up' tree outlets across the North and the Midlands.

For almost 15 years The Tree Amigos have been bringing families a unique blend of luxury Christmas trees, festive atmosphere, and extraordinary customer service. The Amigos sell great Christmas trees, but we are also seriously passionate about sourcing them, so much so that we are now growing trees on our plantation in the Peak District!

Our outlets offer an awe inspiring display of up to 100 trees at any one time so you can browse at leisure until you find the perfect tree for your home this Christmas.

Not only do The Tree Amigos hand pick slow grown, high quality trees and offer them at affordable prices we also boast a low impact, low energy, ethical approach to our business that supports farmers and leaves us with a relatively small carbon footprint.

How do we do that you may ask?!

Well firstly we only use hand powered tools and low powered equipment where necessary at our outlets. Secondly, and most importantly, did you know that when trees grow they absorb carbon from their surroundings into their cells? The carbon which the tree has absorbed is released slowly as it decomposes. This means that Christmas trees are carbon neutral. How great is that! 

Head on over to OUR OUTLETS page to find your nearest outlet and opening times. We look forward to seeing you!

Nordmann Firs
and we're open 7 days a week until the last tree is sold

*prices may vary slightly depending on location